Renewable Energy

In 2019 coal became more expensive that wind and solar, and most US and EU insurance companies refuse to cover coal plants, meaning the age of coal - the most emission intense energy source - should be coming to an end sometime, but it cannot come soon enough.

Despite this, the USA (the biggest greenhouse gas emitter per person) is still subsidizing coal, cutting tax incentives for renewable energy projects, and investing heavily in "natural gas". Natural gas usually means methane, and that usually means fracking. A global increase in methane replaces any overall gains made by a decline in demand for coal. Whilst fracking might have lower emission intensity, the constant leaking of methane at and around wells and production plants, combined with venting, and flaring, we're actually worse off.

Solar and wind are becoming so cheap that roll-outs around the world are increasing at an impressive rate, but they're increasing from very low levels, and the UK has stopped the subsidies and tariffs, leaving home owners to pay the full up-front investment for solar power. Thankfully companies like Bulb are stepping in to solve tariff problem, with Bulb offering energy export payments.

Regular citizens need to do what we can to source clean energy for our homes, businesses, schools, etc. Get away from coal or "natural gas", drop anything fossil fuel based, and switch to energy providers who source electricity from solar and wind. If energy suppliers are not up to the task, microgrids can be the solution. Political change and boycotting is another option when none of these are available.

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