We need to reforest an area the size of the USA as quickly as possible. Why the urgency? Ice shelves in Greenland are melting so fast that 197 billion tons melted in July 2019 alone, and abnormally vicious heatwaves all over Europe are becoming more intense and more frequent.

We're rapidly reaching a point where large areas of the planet will be too hot to plant forests, and increase in severity and duration of hurricanes is gonna rip out more trees than ever. The more we lose the worse everything gets, the more we plant the less fucked everything gets, so we need to go to town on planting trees right now.

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TeamTrees started in May 2019 when the internet challenged [Mr. Beast]( to plant 20 million trees to commemorate hitting the 20M subscriber milestone. Fans then suggested he band together with a bunch of other YouTubers and influencers to make it happen.

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They plant native trees & vegetation using drone swarms and spray to protect them. Provide valuable insights to customers by collecting data in the field. Work with governments, nonprofits, and private land owners as a service provider.

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Treedom lets you buy or gift a real tree, where somebody will plant it for you and follow it online.

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Help the planet from your sofa, for less than a cheap bottle of wine per month. Watch your own forest come to life and offset your entire footprint for $6.50/€6 per-month. Then get your friends, family, business, and even your dog signed up!

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