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Every person, company, and pet has their own carbon footprint, which is usually expressed in the number of tonnes of CO2 they've emitted over the year. These emissions are both direct (driving to the shops), or indirect (ordering something online so somebody else drives it).

Americans have some of the largest carbon footprints per person, with the average person spewing ~16.5 tonnes of CO2 into the air every year. It varies a lot by country, but the E.U. average is around 7 tonnes. If we want to stick to 2°C then we need to each get our footprints down to 4.8 tonnes. 2°C is still absolutely awful (thousands of heat deaths in the U.S. alone, global food shortages and 98% of coral bleached which means the oceans are fucked and a lot of fish are gone), but 3°C means billions die. Right now we're heading for 4°C so everyone needs to get on top of this.

For context, one return flight from London to New York is 1-2 tonnes, a meat-based diet is 2.6 tonnes, and driving a car for a year is around 2.6 tonnes as well. Then there's buying stuff like laptops and other electronics which produce almost as much CO2 as short haul flight. 😨 These averages may not apply to you, maybe you're doing better, or worse! A calculator you can get more accurate insight, to congratulate you or motivate you to sort things out.

Once you've got a calculator that works for you, check out our Carbon Reduction section to keep trimming it down until you get to 2 tonnes, then 1, then... 0?! Whilst you're sorting out your footprint, help others sort out theirs, and check out our Politics section to scale your personal action to collective action, and get your place of work to implement carbon tracking with the goal of going carbon neutral, or go carbon negative like Microsoft.

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Link a Xero accounts to assess each purchase a company makes, calculating the carbon impact of things like fuel, power purchases, transportation and more as well as supply chain impacts.\n

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Effortlessly track your personal carbon footprint by securely connecting your credit and debit cards. Joro combines financial data and academic datasets to develop real-time carbon footprint estimates. The bank integration uses Plaid, and is US only for now, but has plans to roll out to Europe. Sign up to the newsletter to find out.

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